Why Should We Stay Away from Kalyan Station?

Why Should We Stay Away from Kalyan Station?

Summary: The sound infrastructure, proximity to Mumbai and a less crowded milieu make the area –
around 3.5km West of Kalyan station, a better one with many advantages.

If you are eyeing a piece of the real estate in Mumbai, it is better to shift your focus a little away as
the metropolis has become too crowded, noisy, polluted, and stressful. So, where do you find a calm,
quiet, relaxed and a less stressful place to reside that is away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai but
with all the modern amenities and the benefits thereof? The answer lies in the Eastern suburb of Kalyan in
Thane district with a slew of benefits. In fact, by staying in Kalyan – a part of the greater Mumbai
Metropolitan Region, you can stay in close proximity to the metropolis as well as avoid its frenetic pace
of life, milling crowd, and other issues as mentioned above.
A word of caution though! Should Kalyan be your chosen destination it would make immense sense to
buy or invest in a property built by the Triveni Group that is away from the railway station. Sounds
surprising? Well, there are a number of reasons to support the above line of thought.

Less crowded/traffic/noise:

Since railway is supposedly the lifeline of Mumbaikars, the concentration of population and businesses over the years has largely been formed around it. This has made the areas near the railway stations choc a bloc with people and traffic where even going for daily errands can be difficult. Besides, the constant honking of traffic not to speak of the sound from a number of trains
passing by at all times of the day (and night) means you can say goodbye to a sound sleep. Importantly,
crowded streets near the station would mean getting stuck in traffic when someone needs to be taken to
the hospital or you have to attend an important event.

Stress free environment:

Since the area around Kalyan railway station is the most sought after one by businesses to carry out commercial activities, it can be considered as very stressful for residing. However,
should you move away from the station the crowd starts to thin and a more relaxed and serene
environment comes your way. This is true of the area that lies around 3.5 km away from the station on the
Western side.

Spiritual connect:

Kalyan and its adjoining areas have a number of temples such as Titwala Ganesh
Mandir (Thane), Birla Mandir (Ulhasnagar), Ambreshwar Shiv Mandir (Kailash Colony, Ambarnath),
Ganesh Temple (Dombivali), and Shakti Kripa Ashram (Ulhasnagar). Thus, as a resident of the area
where the properties built by the Triveni Group is situated as well, you or the elderly from your family
can visit the above mentioned religious places as and when you like in order to connect spiritually but
without facing the usual traffic woes.

 Healthcare & education facilities:

Kalyan is home to a number of healthcare facilities such as Fortis  Hospital, Kalyan Multi Speciality Hospital, Meera Hospital, Apex Hospital, Khadakpada Multi Speciality Hospital, Aalok Hospital, Tanmay Healthcare, Satyam General Hospital, Medinova Multi Speciality Hospital, and Nath Multi Speciality Hospital, reaching where can be quicker in times of a health
emergency unlike from the areas near the station.
Furthermore, children travelling to schools like Arya Gurukul, St. Jude, St. Mary, Holy Cross, St.
Thomas, and Lourdes is much easier and relatively hassle-free. Importantly, the presence of a division of
Mumbai University adds its own value to the area making it a much sought after one.

Staying away from the crowded Kalyan station at a distance of 3.5km to the West in a property built by
the Triveni Group can be potentially beneficial and does count for a sound decision.