Why Rooftop Gardens Have Become So Important in Our Lives

Why Rooftop Gardens Have Become So Important in Our Lives

The urban spaces that we inhabit have become concrete jungles and the demands of modern day living have taken their toll on the environment and health. It seems many city dwellers have accepted the fact that maintaining greenery and paying heed to environmental concerns cannot coexist in our modern ecosystem. So, are they right in thinking so? Certainly not! For there are ways and means through which we can surround ourselves with greenery and take care of the environment at the same time – in our own small way by way of rooftop gardens. Yes, like the ones on properties in Kalyan built by the Triveni Group.

Why a rooftop garden?

We often complain that there is not enough greenery in our vicinity as rows and rows of buildings have enveloped us. As we move farther away from nature we can’t help but suffer consequences in the form of climate change, alarming levels of pollution. This is where rooftop gardens can be of help in bringing the much needed green cover we so hanker for. No, a rooftop garden is not the magic wand to get rid of problems like climate change or pollution altogether but, in its own small way, can play a positive role in improving our lives. Let’s find out how a rooftop garden can help us and our environment.

Rooftop gardens are energy efficient The presence of plants, shrubs and grass on rooftops can help to trap the heat in winter and keep the surroundings warm. Similarly, in summer, the green cover at the top can reduce the intensity of heat by acting as a heat insulator. This can lead to significant energy savings as there will be less use of air conditioners (in summer) and room heaters (in winters). Thus, you can contribute to the environment by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Rooftops can reduce pollution Sounds far fetched? No, for the leaves and grass blades present in the rooftop garden can trap the dust particles, reduce carbon footprint and produce the life sustaining oxygen. Hence, in a small way, the green tops can help reduce pollution and its negative impact on our health and the environment.

Rooftops can bring happiness:

How about finding your own green space amidst the concrete surrounding? Not only will it help to reduce the stress levels but also bring an element of cheer and happiness on seeing the attractive flora all around you. Just imagine yourself enjoying a cuppa and feasting your weary eyes on the beautiful flowers and the colorful butterflies swarming around, not to speak of the sight of distant Sahyadri hills and forts like Malanggad abutting Kalyan.

Such a pleasing site can fill you with happiness making you
more productive at your workplace. Needless to say, a happy and stress free mind can keep you away from health issues like hypertension.


Enjoy the beauty of nature and other attendant benefits in Kalyan thanks to the attractive rooftop gardens on properties built by the Triveni Group.