The buying of a property can be for a number of reasons. These can range from securing a roof
over one’s head to keeping the same for business purposes. As the clock ticks away relentlessly, the
pressure of a burgeoning population and a shrinking real estate means one should address the future
challenges in right earnest. In other words, making an investment in a property should be done at the
right time. Moreover, it is not only about buying a property at the right time but the right one as well.

What is a ‘right’ property?

The suburbs of Mumbai like Kalyan have become the new ‘go to’ area for people looking for
accommodation. This trend has been witnessed for various reasons –

  • Overcrowding of Mumbai where pollution and stress have become an integral part of living.
  • The not so frenetic pace of life in a place like Kalyan with its surrounding hills and many
    recreational zones.
  • The presence of many health and educational facilities in Kalyan including a division of the Mumbai University.
  • The old world charm of Kalyan and its spiritual connect.
  • Importantly, choosing the right property either for accommodation or investment purposes should be
    done only after making some careful considerations.
  • Checking the background of builders and the various projects built by them. For example, the
    Triveni Group of builders has built a reputation for being in the business of developing dream
    homes for more than thirty years. The background check would ensure the hard earned money
    of buyers is saved from the ‘fly by night’ operators.
  • The property should be in an area that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city/town but
    with an easy access to the roads.
  • The property should be located in an area that is well connected to the important centers –
    health and education facilities for example.
  • The property should have an uninterrupted supply of electricity and water.

Remember! If buying a property should be about buying the right one, the time of buying is also
important. This is due to the fact that property prices fluctuate depending upon factors such as buying
demand, real estate prices, cost of raw materials & labor, bank rates etc. So, instead of delaying the
decision of buying, investors should be well advised to take advantage of the prevailing market rates
rather than risk any price escalation in future.


  • The buying of a property can mean the spending of a family’s fortunes. Hence, it should be
    done with due diligence and at the right time. The dream homes built by the Triveni Group can
    be looked at by prospective buyers to fulfil their dreams of buying safe and secure homes.